La Demeure d'Hortense

Vichy is a town which is easy to get to know, which has much to offer the visitor through its past and through its capacity for leisure.


We would love to share our enthusiasm ‘for the gentle good life’ with you.


In Vichy your shopping extends 7 days / 7, in shops that you don’t found anywhere else.


You wil take advantage of nature, sports inside the city : Lac d’Allier (sailing, canoe, pedalos, water skiing, jet skiing, rafting) and Celestin beach, walking in 13ha parks, footing around the Lac d’Allier, tennis at the Sporting Club… or attend (or to bet! why not) a night full trot horses race at the magnificent race course.

Your best golf swing ? on which golf course ? The sporting right inside the city by the Lac d’Allier and its wonderful Club House built in 1908 (one of the former golf course built in France) or at the “Golf de Montpensier” at 15’ from La Demeure d’Hortense.


Town of « health restoring » at the largest SPA in Europ and “take the waters in Vichy” …! Just like Napoléon the 3rd!


Photographers, architects, or just hobbyists … architectural diversity: 2 days with your camera will fill in your curiosity.


Historic memories: The Second Empire, the Belle Epoque, The War and the Occupation, The contemporary period…


The tourist Office could invites you to journey back…


Two Casinos to stake… and win !


To relax at one of the numerus lounge terraces, before an Opera’s or theatre’s show, one bandstand outside concert in the “Parc des Sources”, a drink in the piano bar… playing a game of billiards, or pool by the Demeure d’Hortense.


Large restaurants variety and bars to end an enjoyed evening!


Vichy has more than never kept its welcome vocation : congress Center, and lot of exhibitions